Gospel Ministries

We spread the living Gospel to every corner in our district with unconditional love that God as kept on us to do. We organise our church people into groups and spread the love, joy and hope of Jesus to every corner of the streets. So, many people are getting healed, accepting Christ as their personal saviour, many are knowing their purpose of life and this season many are seeking forgiveness from God for their sins.

Gospel Ministries

This ministry helps the poor people providing a free education, free books, free clothes and a precious food who need it most. We organise a various children groups in and around our city and in villages to educate and to motivate the children. The primary focus is to share the various stories in the bible, learning them new songs with choreographies and various indoor and outdoor games. Our Lessons of this ministry are designed so that the children can understand the gods love and passion for their lives. 


Children Mission

Our motto of this ministry is to share the love and good news of God who was and who is. So, that the children would remember the biblical truths and become the followers of Christ. Our children mission runs a ‘Sunday School Program’ and a ‘Wednesday evening School Program’.

Sunday School Program helps the children to meet in church on every Sunday to interact themselves and the aim is to reach every child at their level and make sure they follow the paths of Jesus. Every Sunday new kids join us and we taught a special song. We share the biblical stories among kids at their levels and standards. We organise a children groups according to their ages and they will be some social activities and they will be taught some biblical verses and stories.

Wednesday evening School Program will be organised by a church leaders on each Wednesday at major centres in around Vizianagaram. The aim of this program is to motivate and encourage children. And also we organise some sports events and bible competitions among children to get involved in Jesus Christ more and more. By doing this way, new children are coming and joining the Sunday school and following the paths of the Jesus.


Youth Ministries

Youth camps are organised at various places in our district to save young people including teenagers. Our aim for the youth is ‘To save youth who faces a battle against sin and striving to rescue more and more souls for the kingdom of God’. Our church arranges a youth camps at various places to reach youth at their level. We do these activities with prayer and we have seen god is doing greater miracles and mighty things among the youth.

Church Organise a mega youth festival every year and there will be a lot of people getting saved and healed and getting baptised. We perform a choreographies and these shows speaks to each heart about there weakness.

We typically try to plan one major activity per month to allow our teenagers an opportunity to interact & build friendships in a fun environment. 

The purpose of our youth ministry is to encourage teenagers to develop God-honouring, iron-sharpening-iron friendships within the Body of Christ. Once a month, we go out to eat after the Sunday night Bible study hour as an opportunity to build relationships with Christian friends.

We organise a mega women retreat once a year so the many women in around district will participate in it. In this meeting, the various issues will be discussed how the women need to strong and when.


Women Ministries

The main aim of the women ministry is to calling them to freedom, fullness and fruitfulness in Christ. Working in women ministry is a battle, and the demands and stakes are high but our church have made it possible, we are reaching more women with some tips and tricks each month and able to share the gospel to each person. With our adult education charity works, more women are getting benefitted and they are learning more about God’s love and getting saved each day.


Medical Camps

We organise a free medical and health camps all over our district including rural, slum, small towns and remote areas to help and benefit the poor people. We reach the people who don’t even have a basic or a general health care centres.

Every time when we organise these medical camps, hundreds of people get benefitted each time. We provide this support to show the gods love for what he is. We conduct these programs on regular basis with professional doctors.

Now we are planning to go to a advance medical camps and we request you to support us and pray for the people who work with us.

We run these programs only by donations and if you are really would like to support then please follow this below link and support us, Thank you.



With our Rehabilitation programs, so many people were benefitted and they turned towards the love of god. We organise these programs not for fame or a name but to show the gods love to the broken communities, downtrodden, agency and slum areas. We have helped a wide range of people — affected with tsunamis, floods, for broken communities, child labour and poor families.